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DUE DATES 2020-2021

eLearning is learning that utilizes electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. It is interactive in that students can also communicate with their teachers and other students in their classes.

When an eLearning day is called due to a school closing, Jefferson will proceed with the following expectations:

Warsaw Community Schools will implement eLearning Days to make up for lost school days due to inclement weather or other emergency situations. Teachers will post electronic lessons in the eLearning section of the website. Teachers will be available to answer questions throughout the instructional day via email.

To access your child’s lessons and activities, please click on the eLearning link below. Once at the main eLearning page, please click on the link of your child’s teacher. Please remember to complete your child’s special class activity for the day. If you are unsure of what special to complete, it should be identified in the classroom eLearning plan.

eLearning lessons will be posted by 9 am each morning if the cancellation is determined the previous evening. eLearning lessons will be posted by 11 am if the morning begins with a two-hour delay followed by a cancellation.

eLearning days are not optional. It is suggested that eLearning lessons are completed on the day of the school cancellation. We realize that internet access may be problematic for some of our families. For this reason, students have up to three additional school days to complete eLearning lessons.

To assist families that do not have internet access, the media center will be open before school (8:10-8:55) and after school (3:55-4:55) for three days after an eLearning day. These times are designed to provide access for students. Adults will be present to get students started on their learning, but cannot necessarily provide academic support. Students may come home with materials that need to be completed and returned to school the following day.